TAL supplies adhesive for large-format tile installation at car showroom

TAL recently supplied adhesives and ancillary products for the installation of large-format porcelain tiles at the Hyundai showroom and dealership in Weltevreden Park.

Tiling of 1500m² was carried out by JRRA Tiling and TAL supplied TAL Pourable Adhesive to install 600x600mm grey porcelain tiles to the showroom floor.

Due to the specific conditions of the installation, including heavy-traffic, vitrified porcelain tiles, as well as a fast-track installation; a rapid-setting adhesive system was required.

“Large-format tiles used in installations such as car showrooms require a high-strength, rapid-setting, flexible adhesive. Using a pourable adhesive with rapid-setting and flexible characteristics will ensure solid bedding of the tiles, and save the contractors time on site,” says technical representative at TAL, Schalk Pelzer.

Modern manufacturing techniques allow for the production of porcelain and ceramic tiles in sizes previously only reserved for the natural stone sector, making large-format tiles now readily available.

“Special consideration should be given to fixing large-format ceramic or porcelain tiles as there are permissible manufacturing tolerances for ceramic and porcelain tiles, and large-format tiles may have permissible surface flatness irregularities, that is the tile surface may be ‘curved’ or ‘bowed’.  Back buttering with a thin coat of adhesive is usually required to ensure full contact and a solid bed of adhesive behind each tile. ‘Lipping’ of large format tiles, particularly when laid in a brick-bond pattern, is also a concern, therefore these tiles require a level, flat substrate and specific joint widths,” says technical advisor at TAL, Sharon Margon.

To address the need for a suitable adhesive to install large-format tiles, TAL developed the locally manufactured TAL Pourable Adhesive, a grey, pourable, flexible rapid-setting high-strength cement-based adhesive, which is specially formulated to provide good wet-out on large format tiles ensuring solid bedding with no buttering required on the tile backs. The adhesive is suitable for fixing all large-format ceramic, porcelain, granite, dark-coloured marble and natural stone tiles to floors.

It enables faster and easier bedding of floor tiles and its rapid-setting flexible formulation means that no latex additive is required for installations in wet areas, exterior applications and surfaces where normal building movement is expected.

“TAL Pourable Adhesive is specially formulated to absorb vibrations and deflection of substrates making it ideal to use in car showrooms where large-format tile installations have to withstand the weight and friction of cars moving over the tiled surface as well as thermal expansion and contraction of the tiles resulting from sunlight streaming in through the large-pane showroom windows,” says Pelzer.

In addition to using a flexible adhesive, tile movement joints were also required at three-metre intervals in both directions to allow for the anticipated movement in the installation.

The adhesive’s coverage is approximately 8kg/m² depending on site conditions and workmanship. The tiled floor can handle light traffic after four hours, at which point it can be grouted, and normal traffic after six hours.

The tile installation was carried out on a powerfloated concrete floor and, as no primer is required due to the polymer-modified formulation, the contractor was able to apply TAL Pourable Adhesive directly to the clean, dry substrate.

TAL also supplied TAL Goldstar 12 and TAL Bond, a latex additive, to fit porcelain tiles to the back of house and external areas, including the offices, bathrooms and passages. A white 200x200mm ceramic wall tile was fitted in the bathrooms.

TAL is ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TAL standards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification.

All TAL products used on this project conform to the VOC requirements stipulated by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

For more information visit www.tal.co.za or contact the TAL Technical Advisory Service on 0860 000 (TAL) 825.

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