TAL supplies adhesives for Checkers Cradlestone Mall

TAL recently supplied adhesives and ancillary products for the fast-track installation of porcelain and ceramic tiles to Checkers Cradlestone.

Located in Cradlestone Mall, a new multi-million rand shopping centre in Krugersdorp, Checkers Cradlestone required the installation of 4500m² of tiling to the main trading floor, feature walls, back of house areas, offices and staff rooms.

TAL products, manufactured locally and developed to suit the South African climate, were specified by the in-house Shoprite Store Development Team. TAL Goldstar, TAL Professional, TAL Keycoat, TAL Bond, TAL Quarry Grout and TAL Industrial Fine Epoxy Grout were supplied for this installation.

“The TAL Goldstar range of rapid-setting tile adhesives were specifically developed for fast-track floor installations such as stores, shopping centres, hotels and office blocks, both new installations and refurbishments, where quick access to the tiled area is required,” says Schalk Pelzer, technical representative at TAL.

Tiling commenced in June last year and was completed by mid September. “Completing the tiling installation within the timeframe was of the essence as the shopping centre had to open on time,” says Edgar Pardal of HL Pardal & Sons Tiling.

TAL Goldstar 6 is a rapid-setting, high strength, grey powder adhesive suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain, granite and dark-coloured marble tiles to walls and floors in interior and exterior installations. It is high-strength, shrinkage compensated and sets and allows traffic after six hours, depending on site and ambient conditions.

As the tiling was done onto a suspended slab, which is prone to increased movement caused by slab deflection, slab creep and loading on the slab, the tile installation had to be flexible to allow for the anticipated movement. The adhesives used for the floor tiling were mixed with TAL Bond, a modified latex additive, as a total water replacement in the mix to enhance the bond strength and flexibility of the tile installation.

TAL Keycoat, a latex primer, was used to prime the powerfloated concrete surface prior to tiling to ensure a good bond onto the smooth, dense surface. TAL Professional was used for fixing the back of house ceramic wall tiles and brick faggots. A cement-based grout, TAL Quarry Grout, was used on the main trading floor while TAL Industrial Fine Epoxy Grout, ideal for food production and preparation areas where hygienic conditions are important, were used in the back of house food preparation areas such as the butchery, fishery and bakery.

The floors feature a 300x300mm full body porcelain tile while 600x600mm porcelain tiles were used for the office and front of house walls. Brick faggots in a brick-red colour and 300x100mm in size were fitted to the bread, cheese and wine area feature walls. The back of house walls feature 300x600mm ceramic tiles.

TAL issued a 10-year warranty for this installation. The TAL Warranty Programme offers a 10-year warranty on any tiling installation, provided a Materials and Methods specification is issued by TAL for the project, TAL products are used in strict accordance with the specification and the installation is undertaken by a TAL Registered Tiler and monitored by TAL.

TAL is ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TAL standards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification.

All TAL products used on this project conform to the VOC requirements stipulated by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

For more information visit www.tal.co.za or contact the TAL Technical Advisory Service on 0860 000 (TAL) 825.

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