Taylor’s MOTION blind technology helps you live smarter

Raise your glass to SMART living with Taylor. Take a look at their new MOTION technology.

With Taylor’s new smart MOTION technology, your roller blinds can be automated and motorised to open and close with our MOTION smartphone app.

Taylor’s new smart MOTION technology is the height of convenience and in a class of its own.

These motorised blind systems have been artfully engineered, so that you can live smarter inside your already smart home. These systems are fully operational with a push of a button, which means that you can forget about working harder – you don’t even need to work at all. Think of it like a dry run for your retirement.

With this invention, your roller blinds can be automated and motorised to open and close at pull of a cord; the click of a remote button; and  even from the sound of your voice. So, whether you’re a homebody or rarely find yourself at home, use this product at leisure with our MOTION smartphone app.

The MOTION range is available in roller, double roller, venetian, honeycomb, pleated and roman blinds. Regardless of what shape the glass comes in, we can pour the Taylor material over it.


How does smarts with style sound?

We hear that many people perform at their best when distracting noise is eliminated. But just add a dash of echo and an ambient noise refrain and the productivity begins to take a dive.

Our roller blind fabric is made from a soft textile that cushions harsh sounds (goodbye neighbour with a talking parrot) and tunes the acoustics to a comfortable listening level (hello, peace and tranquillity). This is the ideal product for those who continue to work from home and for those who no longer want to feel like they are working in a fishbowl.

Save it for a rainy day, a windy day, or even a blistering hot day.

While outside the temperatures may reach scorching highs, there’s no reason that your indoor space cannot feel as cool as the cucumber drink in your hand.

Windows are a key player in how much heat is transmitted into your home, so why not choose the best possible option for your window coverings? The Taylor fabric used is breathable and will save you on both cooling and heating costs, depending on your spatial desire.

Blink now, because you won’t want to miss this.

We know that visual comfort is an integral part in living well and working well. Taylor’s product selection produces optimal light conditions through glare control, view-through and daylighting.

In fact, the only squinting we ever recommend is from our competitors.

MOTION can keep going even after the power cuts out.

If you fancy a MOTION motorised product, but worry about the realities of power cuts, Taylor’s MOTION blind technology will continue to work if your home’s WiFi works. This all depends on how your house is configured. Alternatively, you can always choose the battery only option, which will in the event of an outage.

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