Introducing Franke’s new modular EXOS range of accessories for any new or existing public or semi-public washroom design.

The clear-cut lines, sophisticated shapes and harmonious proportions of Franke’s new modular EXOS range of washroom accessories can easily be incorporated into any architectural setting.

Introducing Franke’s new modular EXOS range of accessories for any new or existing public or semi-public washroom design.  The range is sophisticated, of high quality, robust, modern, easy to clean and hygienic. Interchangeable fronts made of high quality materials, such as stainless steel and glass, in either black or white, are beautifully designed and can be incorporated individually in any architectural setting. Clear-cut lines, sophisticated shapes and its timeless design make for harmonious proportions. The modular design allows for interchangeable internal workings on the soap dispensers, allowing one to convert between, foam, liquid and automated versions.

Stainless steel

The use of stainless steel as a basic material for equipment in public and semi-public washrooms is standard for good reason. This well-established material combines a stylish appearance with functionality and durability. It can be perfectly combined and can be harmoniously supplemented with materials such as glass and ceramics. Because of its material properties, stainless steel can take on and reflect the colours of its environment. Stainless steel products can easily be integrated into almost any room.

Stainless steel with InoxPlus refinement

With Franke’s InoxPlus surface coating, the already easy-to-clean stainless steel has been approved once more. And so, annoying finger prints which previously often adhered stubbornly to stainless steel, now belong practically in the past. This is a technology where nano particles interlock with the molecules on the metal surface and thus nestle closely against microscopic imperfections. The results are deep finished, easy to clean, fingerprint-resistant surfaces.

Toughened safety glass

Single glazed toughened safety glass is a material which, like stainless steel, is distinguished by its timeless character and its ability to be combined with other materials. Glass and stainless steel represent high quality and timeless elegance. In accordance with safety requirements in washrooms Franke only uses toughened safety glass.

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