Two new associate members for C&CI

Industrial flooring contractor, Twintec SA, and the Concrete Society of Southern Africa (CSSA), have recently become Associate Members of the Cement & Concrete Institute (C&CI).


Twintec SA – part of the international Twintec Group – specialises in the development and implementation of jointless flooring with steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) processes and technology.


The Group delivers more than six million square metres of industrial flooring slabs annually – claimed to be the highest volume in the world by any single company.

Locally, Twintec is staffed by designers, detailers, managers, supervisors and a workforce with more than 25 years’ practical experience. The company utilises high technology equipment for the laying of large panel jointless floors featuring a specially-developed dryshake topping based on “ultra-durable” aggregates and cement.


Twintec’s reason for joining C&CI was outlined by its marketing manager, Ruth Waugh: “Twintec is committed to best practice and innovation in the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete and was impressed by the professionalism, drive and vision of the Cement & Concrete Institute.  As associate member of C&CI, we look forward to working with the organisation to further this vision and benefiting from the excellent services provided.”


The Concrete Society of Southern Africa is a non-profitmaking, public benefit organisation that promotes excellence and innovation in the use of concrete – a prime example being the biennial, prestigious Fulton Awards, for which C&CI is an anchor sponsor. CSSA also provides a forum for networking and technology transfer between members and local as well as international affiliates.


John Sheath, CEO of CSSA, explains the CSSA Associate Membership: “CSSA and C&CI have worked closely together for some years now, mainly on the joint organising of national seminars and conferences. We both have the same goal: to increase the use of concrete and ensure its long term future as the building material of choice. As a member of the C&CI, we can keep abreast of the latest activities in the industry and ensure that our own resources are used judiciously and effectively,” Sheath states.


C&CI now has 13 Associate in addition to its Producer, and Built Environment members. In order to qualify for Associate Membership of C&CI, an organisation has to be:


  • Be involved in the manufacture or construction of concrete products or infrastructure; or
  • Be a supplier of services or goods to the concrete product or concrete construction industry; and
  • Subscribe to the quality principles supported by C&CI’s Code of Conduct.


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