Voltex ushers in a new era as a collective powerhouse

Voltex, a market leader in the distribution and trade of electrical goods and lighting solutions as well as a member of the Bidvest Group Ltd, celebrated its 2012 Conference at the Indaba Hotel Johannesburg, from the 14th to the 16th of September. The conference was titled “Voltex Plug In” and held a sizeable gathering of the largest body of relevant role-players within the Voltex Group. Its purpose was to enable its players to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions of how they intend to propel the company forward.

The three-day event gathered a great meeting of minds. Speakers included Bidvest Group Chief Executive Officer Brian Joffe, Bidvest South Africa Managing Director Lindsay Ralphs, Voltex Group Managing Director Stanley Green and Eskom’s SGM Integrated Demand Manager Andrew Etzinger to name a few.

Bidvest Group Chief Executive Officer Brian Joffe emphasized, “We are in a world of great change and that the rate of change is extreme.” Joffe’s key message to The Group was to embrace the change that lies ahead and become even bolder going forward. He also congratulated the group on Bidvest Electrical being recently awarded Bidvest Best Division in recognition of Excellence & Distinguished service at Bidvest’s annual ceremony held in August 2012.

Voltex Group Managing Director Stanley Green echoed Joffe’s sentiments adding “Voltex has managed not only to weather the storm, but to lift itself by its own bootstraps and to deliver in these ever changing times.” Green reinforced the notion that “it was the group’s duty to ensure that they were able to capitalize on the benefits and resources that The Bidvest Group continues to offer.”

Green emphasized the importance of the National Procurement Committee, established in 2011.  “The NPC would continue to act as one of the cornerstones and foundations by which the Voltex Group would continue to grow and thrive.” He added that the NPC would bring about “more formalized and appropriate structures, particularly where buying and procurement decisions are concerned, and would be representative of the entire Voltex Group.” According to Green the NPC no longer just represented the fundamental interest of branch grouping, but has also incorporated its specialist divisions including Atlas Cable Suppliers/Voltex T&D, Versalec Cables, Cabstrut, Voltex LSis, Voltex Lighting and Waco Industries.

The Voltex Group continues to remain the fertile breeding ground for the rest of the industry as they continue to embrace and improve upon technology, energy efficiency, skills development and training, and service.

“Our succession planning and development will continue as a vital and necessary element and we will equip people with skills that will be meaningful to each of them as individuals and for the collective good”, says Green. A major investment in new computer systems has also placed Voltex in a position to offer customers enhanced services through electronic communication, electronic marketing and ultimately electronic trading.

On the topic of energy efficiency Green affirmed, “It is our intention to do far more in this space and The Group has been accepted and signed onto the limited and most prestigious Eskom 49m Pledge. He continued “we will be the agents of change and sustainability, to ensure that we do justice not only to ourselves, but to ensuring a better place for all the inhabitants of our country and the earth in which we inhabit.”

The conference came ‘hot on the heels’ of Voltex’s successful participation at Electra Mining Africa which presented a demonstration of Voltex’s new collective identity. Having recently undergone a major brand overhaul in 2012 led by its communications agency; namely Your Brand Agency. Voltex has adopted a new logo and a refreshed, dynamic look. This rebrand will invigorate and enhance its new image and direction going forward and will include the upgrading and roll out of several Voltex stores nationwide.

Green concluded by imparting that dedicated teamwork and exceptional service will continue to unify and carry the collective value of The Group and segment Voltex as the market leader in the trade of electrical goods, lighting and energy saving products and solutions.

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