Water Game Changer

Every now and then, a product or design comes along that looks set to change the way we live forever. We’ve seen “water bars” in offices; now there’s one for the home or small office kitchen that could alter how we design and use our kitchens and taps. It’s energy efficient, convenient, healthy and great-looking – what’s not to love? Click on the BIBO link below this image…


BIBO Water Bar

BIBO is the next generation Water Bar: It gives you boiling or chilled water – as well as your pre-set temperature of choice, at the touch of a button. It has a sophisticated multistage filtration system as well as a touch screen control panel which can be easily set by you, allowing you to regulate the temperature, the quantity of water you require, the sleep mode and more. The BIBO has a double child lock and is cheaper over time than the conventional kitchen kettle.

Some of the things we like about the BIBO:

The water you consume out of the BIBO will be completely pure, thanks to an ultra-sophisticated, multistage water filtration and powerful UV filter.

All your water needs are in one machine: No more kettle, cold water dispenser, bottled water and no more paying for purified water.

It’s energy efficient: The BIBO automatically goes to sleep when not in use plus it can be programmed to come on or sleep to suit your lifestyle. BIBO will only boil the exact amount of water needed.

No wastage of water as you run the tap to get hot water.

It’s fast and convenient.

The BIBO lets you bottle your own water so it’s a green solution to the huge quantities of bottle water being moved around the planet.

It looks so good! The BIBO comes in 10 perfect colours to match your style and kitchen design.