Wearable Architecture

FORM MATTERS is a material exploration by South African architect and designer Liani Douglas. The self initiated project investigates how the same material that is used to create large architectural masterpieces and engineering marvels around the world, can also be used to create smaller wearable architectural pieces. Concrete is used to reveal the overlap between the disciplines of fashion, art and architecture.FORM MATTERS_DOUGLAS&CO iThe simple geometric forms remind of pre-cast concrete components used in infrastructure construction (concrete pipes and culverts). This industrial reference is however challenged by the concrete elements downscaled to a human proportion, with section thickness reduced to the structural minimum. The forms are also not continuous. In contradiction to the material’s best known properties the cantilevered plane creates a subtle tension, expressed as a delicate but deliberate cut.A mix of sand, Portland cement and water was used to shape the bracelets. Hand cut brushed brass plate completes the geometric forms, with the smooth homogeneous surface juxtaposed against the irregular cast concrete surface.By designing and making FORM MATTERS, these one off wearable piece of architecture doubles-up as maquettes for a larger installation or building, but when worn on the human body, the function becomes apparent’ says Douglas. FORM MATTERS is her first jewellery range.ABOUT DOUGLAS & COMPANY

Douglas & Company is a Cape town based design duo – Jan and Liani Douglas – specialising in the design and production of contemporary spaces, furniture, lighting and objects.




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