Western Cape construction industry to convene over current crisis

On the 2nd of February 2011, the Master Builders Association of the Western Cape (MBAWC) will be hosting a seminar at the Belmont Square Conference Centre, the theme of which will be ‘Developing a More Stable Construction Industry in the Western Cape Province’.

Recently elected MBAWC President for 2011, Allen Bodill, who has been dedicated to the industry for  almost 30 years and an MBA member for 24 of those – serving previously as MBAWC Vice President and as a member of the Board of  Master Builders  South Africa, had this to say of the upcoming event:“The seminar has been brought about due to the reassertion of the unfortunate cyclical nature of our industry in recent months, which has seen a number of contractors reporting severe shortages of work, coupled with unhealthy, fierce competition for the reduced number of potential projects on offer. Should the situation continue it will inevitably exacerbate job losses due to contractors closing shop. While opinions as to the reasons for the downturn, as well as the expected duration of this slump, differ widely, we desperately need to consider ways and means of changing the nature of the industry into one which will offer hope and sustainability to employers, employees and students”.

The Provincial Minister of Public Works, Robin Carlisle, is among those who have been invited to address the seminar which will be open to Contractors, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Civil and Structural Engineers, Industry Suppliers, Skills Training Providers, Developers, Financial Houses and Industrialists. 

Bodill concluded by saying, “It is hoped that by putting our heads together and attempting to develop a strategy for continued growth, that 2011 and beyond will bring with it a brighter outlook for people in our industry.”

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