World-class aluminium-zinc coated steel made in Southern Africa

Safal Steel® is the sole producer of Aluminium-Zinc coated steel in Southern Africa.

Colorplus Gloss as seen on the Bakers Transport Centre.

For over a decade, Safal Steel® has led the way in making aluminium-zinc coated steel to world class standards in Southern Africa. Its metallic coated steel is sold as Zincal®.
Factory colour-coated Zincal® is sold as Colorplus® in the option of a gloss, matt or textured finish.


  • Its metallic coating alloy which is a world leader: Safal Steel uses a metal coating alloy of aluminium-zinc which is one of the most widely used coatings worldwide to deliver long service life to the underlying steel core.
  • Its colour coated steel finishes which offer the widest aesthetic range in Africa: Technically sophisticated finishes are applied to the Zincal® base, baked on in factory-controlled conditions to provide lasting beauty and freshness. Colour coated Zincal® is sold as Colorplus®, or Optima®.
  • Colorplus® is available in standard gloss, a sophisticated matt finish, or earthy looking textured finish. A feast of aesthetic options are available for architects and building owners.



With the in-depth understanding of the Southern Africa climatic challenges, specialist metal and colour coatings have been produced to perform in most of the local environmental conditions.

  • Safal Steel is one of very few coated steel manufacturers worldwide to produce a metal coating in 200-micron thickness. The coating depth provides exceptional corrosion resistance and can be used within 100-400 m of breaking surf or water, and for extreme industrial applications which could not otherwise use coated steel. The material also has world-leading “formability” which ensures a crisp clean profile for the cladding, ensuring lasting investment value.

ZINCAL® AZ 200 is available on special request from Safal Steel.

  • In collaboration with European experts, Safal Steel’s colour coatings are developed and locally tested to withstand the high UV / Radiation / Humidity we experience in Southern Africa. At the top of the spec, PVDF paint systems withstand extreme corrosive onslaught, even fumes in fertilizer plants — another first for SA.
  • Since initial production in 2010, Safal Steel began field testing its products. Ten years later, test results are continuously exceeding performance expectations.
  • And its steel installed on various sites across the country, is also proof that Safal Steel coated steel is performing brilliantly more than 10 years down the road, and will continue to perform for decades to come.

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