X-Calibur coats Burj Khalifa Lake and Dubai Fountain

X-Calibur is one of the latest product range offerings from TAL and is manufactured locally by the company. This range of concrete repair and rehabilitation products is proudly associated with one of the world’s most exciting developments – The Burj Khalifa Lake and Dubai Fountain. X-Calibur supplied over 120 000m² of coatings to this project.

As the Burj Khalifa Lake and Dubai Fountain is the centrepiece and key attraction of the Burj Khalifa development, it was vital that it maintained the high quality of the rest of the area. Colour fastness over a 20-year period was another key requirement for the lake. “The coating has to resist cleaning chemicals and withstand the effects of cleaning machines, and be easy to clean,” says Brian Davies, CEO X-Calibur International.

X-Treat Santitzer was used to ensure no bacteria were present in the substrate. To fill in imperfections in the shot-blasted concrete surface, X-Shield BugFill was utilised, while X-Shield SF Primer was applied in areas where the concrete had been cured for 28 days.

Where the concrete was still green, X-Shield MT Primer was used, which speeded up the coating works, as the contractor did not have to wait for the concrete to cure.

X-Shield RG40S, a polyaspartic, UV-resistant topcoat, was used due to its fast cure time and ability to retain colour fastness for over 20 years. “X-Calibur conducted a test programme months in advance of the contract being awarded to test the coating system against the effects of all possible water treatment chemicals that might be used in the lake,” Davies explains.

In order to ensure the Dubai Fountain was watertight, X-Calibur epoxy and cementitious grouting materials were used for much of the service tunnel works. X-Tite ResiLoc EX22, an epoxy resin anchor was utilised for anchoring items to the concrete structure in the service tunnel.

The project was not without its challenges. “The major hurdle was that the project had to be completed in a very fast time,” he says. The solution was to use X-Shield MT Primer and X-Shield RG40S, which halved the project duration. “X-Calibur put a supply plan in place to meet all eventualities. The X-Calibur production plant worked around the clock to ensure that material was always available to meet the installer’s tight timeline,” says Davies.

The project was completed in two phases – the first in winter and during a rainy spell. After rain, X-Shield MT Primer was used as it could be applied to damp surfaces. “Due to the fast cure of the topcoat, X-Shield RG40S coating could be completed and the coating cured sufficiently before rain was expected,” he explains.

The second phase, completed in summer, required that the working life of all the products was adequate to meet the high temperatures. “The topcoat was sprayed using a plural component spray machine, which meant the fast cure could still be maintained as the product was mixed in the spray gun at time of application,” he says.

For more information contact Andrew Dekker, construction chemicals manager at TAL on 031 579 2263 or 082 650 4199 or visit www.tal.co.za and www.x-calibur.us.

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