X-Calibur coats Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

TAL recently introduced the X-Calibur concrete repair and rehabilitation product range which it manufactures locally and is proud to be associated with an array of global prestigious projects where X-Calibur was specified.


One such project is Ferrari World, the first Ferrari-branded theme park dedicated to Ferrari and the F1 experience and an impressive construction project in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Working under a tight budget and deadline, the standards of the project were nonetheless very high.


X-Calibur supplied X-Tech DeckCoat CP, a polyurethane based car park waterproofing system for the 50 000m² employee car park as it met the stringent project specifications. This product is locally manufactured and was thus within the budget and delivery time requirements.


“The car park coating system had to be high quality, easy to apply and very durable in order to avoid having to recoat within a 10 year period,” says Brian Davies, CEO X-Calibur International.


In order to ensure that the coating system would not debond, the surface was prepared by captive shot blasts which provide the best profile to receive the coating system. “The blasted surface was then treated with X-Tech Primer Filler, a squeegee-applied mortar that fills any cracks and surface imperfections. This product is applied up to three times faster than conventional products that are applied by hand,” says Davies.


X-Calibur provided on-site technical support in the initial stage of the project to help the installer execute the coating work and overcome any challenges.


Due to the high desert temperatures, the gel time or pot life of the two component products, comprising a base and hardener, had to be adjusted to slow the reaction time. As X-Calibur modified the pot life, there was plenty of time to apply the product at higher ambient temperatures. Recoat times were managed within the recoat window, avoiding additional and costly surface preparation.


For more information visit www.tal.co.za and www.xcalibur.us.

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